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No more dark nights of the soul. Ever.

We get it. You're way too smart and amazing to be stuck! Your life purpose isn't just another job, or going back to grad school. It's not just another paycheck or a score on a personality test. It's something grander, greater and truly fulfilling. Only YOU can discover your true purpose. Let us show you how.
No more dark nights of the soul. Ever.

Praise for the Discover Your Dharma Programs™

“Shivani's practical application of modern wisdom provides a new compass to find one's purpose in today's hectic world. Dharma Express provides you the proven mechanisms to realize your true calling that has been there all along." - Dr. Albert Lin, National Geographic Explorer, Founder, and Scientist”

“Dharma Express has helped me bring forth my deepest vision possible so that I could lead from a place of clarity and confidence. I use the Dharma Secrets every day to make decisions that have radically improved my financial success and my influence in the world. - John Vitale, Futurist, Co-Founder of Focus@Will, X Prize Finalist”

“I'm a Type-A 'get-things-done' type. I love the Dharma Process - it's really fast and it really works! I used the Dharma Secrets to discover exactly what I was meant do next in my life - and have the courage and conviction to do it! If you tend to overthink everything - this is for you! Do it! - Dr. Sujata Emani, Scientist, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur”

How it works: 3 Steps to Live Your Dharma

  • Step 1: Get Clear

    Do Secret #1: Wash out the Gunk ™ to get unstuck and have the clarity you need to begin discovering your Dharma - what it is you're meant to do next with your life.

  • Step 2: Take Action

    Do the Discover Your Dharma Program ™ over the next 4 weeks. You will go from feeling overwhelmed to knowing exactly what you're meant to do next - and have a clear Dharma Action Plan™ to follow!

  • Step 3: Live Your Dharma Out Loud

    Design your Dharma Lifestyle ™ and experience the transformation in your life as you put your 90-Day Dharma Action Plan ™ into motion!

Get Started

Every moment that goes by, the world is missing out on what you have to offer. Get Clear and Discover Your Dharma Now!