Shivani Singh, CEO

Shivani Singh is CEO and Visionnaire of Dharma Express, and author of the award-winning book, Discover Your Dharma. As CEO of Dharma Express, LLC, Shivani has been featured on the front page of the business sections of CNBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, Yahoo!, TD Ameritrade, and AOL News. Her book, Discover Your Dharma, won Best New Age Book of the Year from the Next Generation Indie Book Awards, the equivalent of a Sundance Award for authors.

As a scientist for over a decade, Shivani has worked alongside Nobel Prize Laureates at NASA, JPL, Boeing, UC San Diego, and the United Nations in renewable energy and policy. Shivani is the recipient of numerous scientific awards from prestigious organizations, including NASA, John Hopkins University, and UC San Diego, and graduated magna cum laude from UC San Diego with a M.S. in materials science and engineering, and a B.S. in physics.

Radha Singh, Co-FoundeR Master Dharma Coach 

Radha Singh is Co-Founder of Dharma Express, and author of Wisdom from the Heart. Radha has over 10 years of experience in startup business development and executive coaching. Having lived in 7 countries around the world, she brings her passion for conscious living, conscious parenting, conscious coaching, and photography, to her day-to-day life as COO of Dharma Express. Radha is a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography, holds a Master’s degree in Education, and is the recipient of numerous literary awards. When Radha is not busy changing the world on the Dharma Express, she is traveling to exotic places on GoogleEarth.

Ash Bhatnagar, Director  Marketing & Business Development

Ashish Bhatnagar is the current Director of Marketing at Dharma Express, Passionate about empowering entrepreneurs to differentiate themselves in the marketplace, Ashish connects both worlds of hard-wired technology and the personal human connection. Having practiced mindfulness for over 20 years, and having recently lived in Hyderabad, India as a California transplant, Ashish hopes to create a new mobile platform that brings conscious entrepreneurship and balanced living to emerging entrepreneurs in the developing world.


Dhruva singh, Manager of Operations

Dhruva Singh is Manager of Operations. A recent graduate from UC San Diego with a B.A. in Political Science, Dhruva is driven to bring innovative systems and new ways of thinking for millennials through streamlined operations, digital platforms, and social media.