“What are you waiting on? I thought you couldn’t wait another minute to rock the world? Go for it – Discover your Dharma NOW!”
— Shivani Singh CEO Dharma Express

Shivani Singh Speaks at TEDx, La Jolla, CA 


What does dharma mean?

Dharma is a Sanskrit word. It means: one's essential duty; right action; one's higher purpose in life.

The highest dharma is to recognize the Truth in one's own heart, to fully realize one's True Self.


About Dharma express

Dharma Express provides a fresh new perspective on discovering and living your dharma now.

Through experiential programs and products designed for the savvy and sophisticated urbanite, Dharma Express incorporates tools and media to empower those with a vision, with a fire in their belly, and a deep sense of urgency that pushes them beyond the conventional route to happiness.

At Dharma Express, we offer the fast track to discovering what is the right thing for you to do next - whether it is to buy a new house, travel to Asia, or propose to your soulmate. Whatever the next step is for you, we're here to show you how you can discover what to do next, and how to tell if it is the right thing for you!

Join us in our upcoming Dharma Journeys, Retreats, and Writing Bootcamps, and discover your dharma NOW!