Discover Your Dharma, By Shivani Singh 


It is an age-old belief that when we grow up, we will wake up one morning, and voila! we will know our life purpose. Yet, we are all grown up, working like a dog, tired to the bone, and still no life purpose in sight! The truth is our life purpose is actually our dharma - taking the right action as it presents itself. In this book, you will find the Secrets to knowing exactly what to do with your life. Designed especially for you, the modern dharma seeker, Discover Your Dharma provides a uniquely practical and innovative process to guide you through your journey of discovery. Begin it now!

This book, Discover Your Dharma shares refreshingly practical secrets to discovering one’s dharma in today’s fast-paced, high-tech world.
— Voted Best New Age Book Award in 2010 from the Next Generation Indie Book Awards