We offer innovative systems to help super-smart people discover what they are meant to do next in their lives. 


“The Discover Your Dharma Coaching Program is different than any other career or life purpose program I’ve done. Very cool, practical, and fun! The tools you learn really DO help you figure out what is the right thing to do next. Three months into the coaching program, I graduated with my PhD. In the process – I got offered a dream opportunity to work with National Geographic! Thanks Dharma Express!” 

-- Albert Lin, Ph.D., National Geographic Explorer, Co-Founder of Tomnod


Dharma Coaching Systems

Dharma Express offers personalized signature coaching programs as well as in-depth training systems for those who wish to add value and make a difference as Dharma Coaches and thought leaders in the world.

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Dharma Corporate Programs

Dharma Express offers corporate programs designed to motivate  change from the inside out by empowering teams to bring all of who they are to everything they do - increasing productivity, well-being, and overall success.

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